Our many satisfied window treatment clients throughout the San Francisco Bay Area have learned how many benefits there are to installing top-quality window furnishings. At Blinds and Decor, we’d like to take a moment to mention just a few of them.

Save energy (and money!)

You can lose as much as 50 percent of your home’s cooling and heating energy through your windows with energy-saving window coverings. Our top-quality window treatments effectively insulate your home from heat gain in California’s powerfully hot summers and heat loss when the seasons change. Our hardwood shutters and honeycomb shades are especially effective at helping you get the most from your climate control and saving you money on your power bill.

Privacy and security

Because Blinds and Decor offers a variety of window treatment options, you can determine how much visibility you want through your windows. If privacy and security are top concerns, we have products that can keep all prying eyes from seeing inside. We even have motorized options that allow you to automate when blinds open and close, letting you determine exactly when you want to open up to the outside world—and when you want to keep it out.

Moisture resistance

As you know, it can get humid in the Bay Area, but we have a number of moisture-resistant window treatments that can stand up to the elements, retaining their aesthetics and structural integrity over time. Our composite shutters and faux wood blinds are attractive while also resisting moisture.

There are many more great benefits to purchasing Bay Area window coverings from Blinds and Decor, and we’d be happy to explain them all to you. Just call us for an appointment. We’ll bring the showroom to your home so you can make an informed choice on just what’s right for your home!

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